Anonymous Hijacks Westboro Baptist Church’s Official Facebook Page

Are you tired of all the hate coming from the so-called “Church” in Florida better known as the Westboro Baptist Church? Well if you are, then you’ll love the decorations Anonymous has done to their official Facebook page.

A little disturbing background: While the entire nation mourned, the so-called “Church” recently announced that they would protest the funerals of those killed on Monday in the terrorist attack in Boston. Protesting funerals of upstanding Americans like those who died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the kids who were murdered in Newtown Connecticut, is something Westboro is known for. It is their twisted way of bringing attention to their cause: Hate.

Well Anonymous has had enough and they took over Westboro’s official Facebook page, posting things a Church should actually be posting… things about love, peace and caring. And based on the comments, it seems that a majority of people are supporting Anonymous’ actions.

Personally, I’m wondering why this wasn’t done much much earlier.

Here’s an example of Westboro Anonymous’ posts and the responses it received. And take a look at Westboro’s Facebook page.


Facebook Comments

I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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