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Roger AilesFox News (lol!) chief and resident fat ass, Roger Ailes has written (really!?) a book, Roger Ailes Off Camera, where he takes pot shots at President Obama and Joe Biden calling them “lazy” and “dumb as an ashtray”, respectively (or dis-respectively, if you just wanna make up stuff the way Fox News does). Not wanting to waste anymore words on the book, and as a special treat, I’m going let John Q. Public finish up this blog with their comments. So without further ado, I present the ‘Top Five Best Comebacks To Roger Ailes Calling President Obama Lazy’ from the Daily Beast:
#5 “Who needs to work hard? Dow goes up all by itself!”Stuart21
#4 “So the “lazy boy” and the “dumb boy” kicked his onions all over the road in ’08 and ’12. Just shows that lazy and dumb can be a winner if you get them in the right combination.”OrlandusGreen
#3 “Just another old and fat white geezer NeoCon from a by-gone era still trying to make himself seem important. When Rupert and this fraud finally retire, the 21st Century world will be better off! They have made much money by trying to prove who they are by blowing out the candles of others.AnIndividual
#2  “Really? Lard butt wants to talk about lazy? Yeaaah I am totally swayed by his viewpoint. *yawn* Whatever fat boy. Shouldn’t you be out finding another vapid bimbo to replace Palin? Hop to Lardo!!”TrishaLynnDragon
And the number 1 best comeback is…
#1 “A man with more chins than a Hong Kong phone book…a man who makes Mitch McConnell look chinless…a man who, if he took off his t-shirt, would be called “avalanche”…is calling someone “lazy?”miltchocklit
My work is done here lol! (And please, no offense to our Ezkool fans in Hong Kong. We luv you guys!) ♦

rand paul 12hrsEarly this morning at 12:39 EST, after nearly 13 hours, tea party favorite Rand Paul ended his filibuster to block the confirmation of John Brennan for CIA director on the senate floor. In a show of support, or maybe just to break up the monotony, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also came out onto the floor at one point, to congratulate Paul, a fellow Kentuckian, on his “tenacity” and “conviction”, contributing further to the standoff by calling Brennan a “controversial nominee.” Paul said he recognized that he couldn’t stop Brennan from being confirmed, but that in lieu of the confirmation felt it appropriate to bring up his opposition to the possibility of federal government use of drones to go after suspected terrorists here in America, a topic discussed on Ezkool by fellow columnist Tony Blackwell. Thirteen hours huh?! Is that all you got? Maybe if you had taken a cue from fellow Repub. Marco Rubio and had a small bottle of water just…within…reach…
No word yet on what Paul’s actual opposition to Brennan is, other than the fact that President Obama selected him.
*Politcal Trivia: Who held the longest Senate filibuster on record?

vagina angry vagIn Arkansas on Wednesday, the biggest challenge yet to Roe v. Wade, came in the form of a ban on abortions at 12 weeks of pregnancy passed by the newly Republican-controlled legislature and joined by several Democrats. The new law called Human Heartbeat Protection Act, is in direct conflict with the limit established by the Supreme Court decision giving women the right to an abortion up to 24 weeks into pregnancy.
It’s simple ladies and gentlemen.This is straight up Vagina Envy. A case of those that can’t, REGULATE! You want the task of pushing an 8 pound being out of a tiny hole in your body, go right ahead gentlemen. But until you can regulate that fantasy into existence, stay outta the Vagina’s bizzness! You’re making her angry, and you won’t like her when she’s angry! ♦

locust headIt’s official! Israel has been on “locust alert” since Monday, after large swarms of the creepy critters were spotted in the Cairo area. The FAO of the United Nations warned that wind and climate conditions increased the chances of an entomological cross-border invasion of Biblical proportions! And biblical comparisons were irresistible as locusts the size of small birds swarmed across the border from Egypt three weeks before Israel’s Passover observances. But not all considered this a bad omen. In fact, noting that locusts are considered kosher, local farm workers began frying them up for crunchy afternoon snacks. 
The Jewish holiday of Passover commemorates the biblical story of the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. Divine punishment in the form of 10 plagues afflicted the Egyptians as the Pharaoh refused the entreaties of Moses and Aaron to let their people go. An east wind brought the locusts that devoured what was left of Egypt’s crops. Locusts also appear in the Koranic version of the tale.h/t The NYTimes  However, this plaque was handled in a far more modern way than in the days written of in the Bible and Koran”. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Agriculture said spraying pesticide in the affected areas has reduced the size of the swarm considerably. Take that Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse!. ♦

Oh yes!–the answer to the trivia question: Storm Thurmond, who blocked the Civil Rights Act of 1957 for over 24 hours, held the longest Senate filibuster on record! Incredible. ♦

Later pilgrims…

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