iPad Thief Unknowingly Sends Pictures Of Herself To iPad Owner


Picture this: In your travels, you forgot your ipad on the plane, never to be seen again. A month or so later, you began getting some strange pictures on your iphone. The pictures, it turns out, are coming from your missing ipad that is set up to post all pictures to your icloud account.

That scenario is being played out right now in the life of Allen Engstrom who, after a trip to Phoenix, realized that his ipad was missing. About a month later, Allen started noticing some photos being posted to his icloud account and soon made the connection – the women in the photos is in possession of his ipad.

Allen posted the photos on his Facebook page, hoping that somehow, he will be able to identify the women in the pictures and get his ipad back. “All I have is her image and the power of social media to help me get my iPad back,” Allen says, so we here at EzKool figured we’ll do our part to advance technology, while at the same time, get Allen’s ipad back.

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