The Cult Behind The Rocky Horror Picture Show


The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a 1975 movie British American comedy/horror film based off on The Rocky Horror Show, which itself was a musical stage play from Richard O’Brien. While the film was released in numerous locations in 1975, it only did well at the USA Theatre in Westwood, Los Angeles. The following year the film was filmed at midnight at the Waverly Theater in New York City on April 1st, 1976. This weekly midnight screening is considered the birth of the cult following behind the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Not too far from my town is the Bellevue Theater; Every Saturday you can walk into the Theater and purchase a ticket (for a fair $7) to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show presented by The Home of Happiness. Once you buy your ticket be sure to pick up a prop bag, as you will want to have one as the show progresses. There is some time before the show begins so you can mingle around the lobby and see just how much of a cult following this movie has picked up. Rarely do you see people dressed in street clothes, as they come as characters from the show in most cases, there are also posters, buttons, and other paraphernalia being sold in the lobby.

The show starts off by the a cast member sharing with you “The Rules“. To sum them up briefly they just go over the fact you need to not be offended easily by what is said or rockyhorrorexperience what you see during the performance, not to throw stuff at the cast, and so forth. Once “The Rules” are said and understood they tell you “to have some ****ing fun!” and let you go up to the theater. Once you get inside there will be music blasting, a stage to dance on, and friends telling you to come up and dance; the fun begins as soon as you walk into the theater. I’m not going to spoil anything for you of the actual performance here but I will simply say it is the most entertaining, audience involved, and funniest shows I have ever seen.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not for everyone, but it is a blast for those who are willing to come out. Whether you’re a new comer to the show or a regular like I am, you’ll be guaranteed a fun and one of the most entertaining nights you can have.

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