Sunday, March 10, 2013

judd and mcconellWhat news may have Republican senator and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell shaking in his booties? Ashely Judd, 44 y.o. media-savvy Hollywood actress and social activist, has told key political figures that she will be throwing her hat into the ring for Democratic senator in Kentucky, her home state. Sources say Judd’s been seen possibly discussing campaign strategies with a top Democratic fundraiser who has ties to President Barack Obama, whom she is an ardent supporter of. There’s talk that there may not be too many competitors for the senate seat  because local politicians are either waiting to join the race for governor of KY in 2015, or are too chicken to run up against five-term senator McConnell. You punks!
When asked at a private dinner if felt she was tough enough to take on McConnell and the grinding GOP attack machine, Judd said this,
“I have been raped twice, so I think I can handle Mitch McConnell.”
Well, I do declare! Mitch might just have met his match on who has the strongest will-of-steel. This will not be your grandmother’s Kentucky Derby, I can assure you that! Good Luck Ash! ♦

Fatawmatt Kaba is pictured with her baby Mamel JoellaOn Saturday, 17 y.o. Fatawmatt Kaba, of Angola, was on a flight four hours out of Johannesburg on her way to New York’s Kennedy Airport, when she went into labor. After discovering that one of his passengers may be about to deliver a baby right there on his plane, the pilot made an announcement asking if there were any doctors on board. As luck would have it, there were two! And a nurse! Aided by the three passengers and of course his Mom, little Mamel Joella was born somewhere at 38,000 feet over Johannesburg, beating watching the inflight movie by a mile!  Late Saturday night, a beaming Ms. Kaba, and her healthy baby boy rested inside a room at Jamaica Medical Center in New York.
“I’m very happy,” said Kaba. “I’m fine. He’s fine.”
And you thought this stuff only happens in movies. ♦

dominoesThe US September Census report shows that average household incomes fell by nearly 7 percent from 2001 to 2011, which consequently led to families borrowing more and more dollars to send their children to college, in which tuition has gone up. Is this going to affect the number of medium to poor income students from finishing or even entering the colleges of their choice? Yes. Will this affect the overall level and quality of education that young people will be able receive in this country?  Yes. Will this result in lesser paying jobs and the inability to payback said student loans in a timely fashion?  Yes.
Is there anything being done in congress to circumvent this crisis? NO! ♦

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the dance floor: Scratchin’ your head wondering how things like the Harlem Shake can go viral?  See the flow chart below for  data explaining the phenomena…
HS--anatomy on how the harlem shake went viral
Yeah—I don’t understand it either. But it sure looks kool with all those colors. Bloggers over at Social Flow thought we  might be interested. ♦


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