Sexy y Funny Boricua, Carlos Santos

Wondering who that fine latino dude with the cute smile on those new MetroPCS ads is?

He’s actor, comedian Carlos Santos!

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A mini bio that I found on IMBd:

Carlos Santos was the host of MTV Tr3s’ ‘Mi TRL’ as well as the comedy variety show ‘Entertainment As A Second Language’.

On MTV Tr3s, he had the opportunity to improvise and perform sketches with several comedic giants including Steve Carrell, George Lopez, Adam Sandler, and Carlos Mencia to name a few.

Carlos has B.A in Theatre Arts and received his formal Improv training from the folks at UCB and Second City.

He performed stand-up on Comedy Central’s Funaticos and on Mun2’s Loco Comedy Jam back in the day.

He got his start as a host and segment producer for the bilingual music variety show LATV Live soon after moving to Los Angeles.

 Along with performing the kind of comedy that’ll have you shooting things out your nostrils if you’re not careful, Carlos is also a talented actor with featured roles in movies “Ghost Team One”, dubbed a horror/comedy, which made its world premiere at the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival and is making its rounds on the festival circuit as we speak, “Es Mejor Escucharlo” (It’s Better When You Hear It) the story of a man trying to cope with his terminally ill father, and his self-directed comedy short, “Fuera de Lugar” (Out Of Place) a hilarious production about a day in the life of a young PR man living in Los Angeles, trying to put his life and his career as an aspiring actor in perspective, just to name a few.

Easily making it to the No. 2 spot on my “Sexy Men Who Fertilize My Eggs Just By Looking At ‘Em” List for 2013 (Sorry Carlos, but I discovered No. 1, the crooner Miguel first. Latino men are holding 2013 down! ), Carlos has that much sought after male combo of fresh-faced innocence, big mischievous grin, big brown bedroom-eyes and crazy sense of humor all wrapped up in a tight, compact package. Too sexy for his vest!

To round things off,  Mr. Santos has an angelic side to him too. He’s involved in a community outreach program that offers improv workshops to high school kids in Fresno, California and he takes part in a group called Open Window Entertainment, which performs children’s theater in and out of  the Los Angeles area. He also volunteers his time to the Friends of Lockwood organization, a charity that helps underprivileged children enjoy their time in school. Stomach fluttering yet Ladies?


And now the real stats, of which there aren’t many with much juice to them I’m afraid — like who’s he’s dating, if he’s (choke ) married and what’s his shirt size…

  • Born April 9th (won’t say what year, so no one tries to call me out with mine : )
  • Studied at Second City Hollywood
  • Lives in Los Angeles, California
  • Born in  Levittown, Puerto Rico
  • Personal playlist: Anyone from Calle 13, Robi Draco Rosa and Gilberto Santa Rosa, to Lenny Kravitz, Volumen Cero, Julio Voltio and Incubus, to Maná, Victor Manuel, Tego Calderón, Pharrell, Spigga, Enjambre, Shakira, Black Guayaba, Soraya, and some 50 Cent, The Presidents of the United States, Justin Timberlake and Pitbull.
  • Speaks fluent Spanish and is completely capable of doing 21 different authentic Spanish accents. His mom wants everyone to know that her son also does amazing impressions and original characters. : )

That’s all I’ve got for now until Carlos Santos’ star begins to shine even brighter, which I fully expect it will! ♦

Later pilgrims…

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