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As a runner, there are many fantastic opportunities to participate in run events all over the world.  My favorite event as a runner is by far The Color Run 5K, where dressed in white, you run through a color station at every 1K mark.  By the time you finish, your pristine white running clothes look like they’ve barely survived an explosion at a crayon factory, and you’ll have powdered color in places one shouldn’t have powdered color.


The Color Run 5K, and its sibling, Color Me Rad tour dozens of major cities.  Other popular fun runs are Zombie/Vampire themed 5Ks (do you want to run as a zombie, vampire, or human?), the Hot Chocolate 5K, and the Glo Run.

The cost of registering for these popular 5Ks will run you a little more than the average 5K registration, but for an untimed event, close to home, that you can choose to walk or run, your money will probably be well spent.  And oh, by the way, you’ll also be exercising your body – especially if you decide to train yourself to run the event.

rundisneyHalf marathons have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and when you’re ready to up the ante, there are of plenty of fun run half marathons to suit.  RunDisney seems to have set the bar for the fun long distance event, with its series of seven separate distance events over the course of the calendar year.  Events are held in Disney’s Florida and California locations, where runners are cheered on by Disney characters and performance groups, and surrounded by other runners who may well be running in Disney-themed running attire.  I personally hope to someday tackle the Epcot Wine & Dine Half, where the race starts at 10pm, and finishes at a runner’s only after-midnight party hosted at the Epcot Food and Wine festival.  Not a bad way to unwind after 13.1 miles!

There are many fun runs out there for recreational runners who like to set training goals, but also have a good time. is a great resource for finding local, national, and global events, and the 2013 season is just getting started.  Go have some fun!

Jennifer is a recreational runner living in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC.  She writes about running for health and fitness at Terrapin Crossing.

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Jennifer Joseph is a recreational runner living in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC. She writes about running for health and fitness at


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