Republicans Say Obama Hates Israel – Israel Gives Obama The Highest Civilian Honor

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If President Obama really hates Israel like Republicans here in America would want you to believe, then why have the people of Israel awarded Mr. Obama the highest civilian honor in their country? Maybe, and I’m only guessing here, but just maybe, Republicans were lying all along. Maybe their claim that Obama is not liked Israel is just another political charade on their part, to get the Jewish vote.

During a dinner where President Obama was awarded the Honor, Israel’s President Shimon Peres said;

 “It is my privilege to present you with our country’s highest honor, the Medal of Distinction. This award speaks to your tireless work to make Israel strong. And peace possible. Your presidency has given the close ties between Israel and the United States a new height. A sense of intimacy. A vision for the future. The people of Israel are particularly moved by your unforgettable contribution to their security. To defending our skies. To the collaboration in the domain of intelligence, which is the right way to preempt bloodshed. The diplomatic and military bonds between us have reached an unprecedented level.

“When I visited you in Washington, I thought in my heart: America is so great and we are so small. But I learned that you don’t measure us by size, but by values. When it comes to values, we are you and you are us.

“On occasion, when we were alone, you stood with us. So we were not alone. We were alone together. We shall never forget it. During your previous visit to Israel, you asked me if I had any advice to offer. It is not in my nature to let questions go unanswered. So I suggested that while people say that the future belongs to the young, it is the present that really belongs to the young.”

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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