Mr Obama Fills Out His March Brackets – Republicans Call Foul

Lindsey Graham

The President did something most Americans do every year, so naturally, Republicans found a problem with what he did. The latest example is Mr. Obama taking a few minutes out of his schedule to fill out his March Madness brackets. Most Republicans naturally have a problem with this, but we’ll look at what Senator Lindsey Graham and Rudy Giuliani has to say about this unbelievable thing the president did.

“Do you realize he’s never received one vote for any of his previous budgets? If he can pick one winner right in the brackets, he’s trumped on what he’s able to do on getting votes for his own budget,” Graham (R-S.C.) said Wednesday on Fox News’ “On the Record.”

Obama picked Indiana University to win the NCAA March Madness tournament, which begins Thursday.

“I think his basketball picks are good news stories and his budget is a lousy news story for him, and so he’s trying to do a good news story,” Graham said on Fox News.

He added: “So why he’s doing this? It’s a good soft news story. His budget is going to be met with absolutely no support from Democrats and Republicans.”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that he has no issue with Obama filling out a bracket — provided he gets his work done.

“I have no problem with the president doing his brackets. That’s fine. He’s having fun. He’s entitled to have some fun, but usually the way I look at it is you have fun after you do your work. And the president hasn’t done his work,” said Giuliani, a Republican, on Fox News. “He hasn’t done it in years. He hasn’t proposed a budget that’s serious since he’s been president. As Lindsey pointed out, he can’t even get a Democrat to vote for one of his budgets.”

Yep. Pay no attention to the fact that since the President’s policies took effect in 2009, the economy has been steadily adding millions of jobs that were lost under the previous Republican administration. And pay no attention to the fact that most Americans have regained the losses they suffered in their 401k and other annuity accounts. Or that the stock market recently hit an all time high due in part to the President’s policies, or that most economists agree that things are better now than when Obama took office.

Those are just facts Republicans would rather you not pay attention to. As far as they’re concerned, the President is not working.

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