John McCain Slams Rand Paul Over Filibuster – Video

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After having dinner with Republicans last night, things have changed today. President Obama has a new friend in Washington and his name is John McCain. Of course we don’t expect this this new found relationship to last for too long, so while it exist, we will point it out.

Rand Paul said that his filibuster was because he needed information from the Obama administration that the president would not use drones to “kill Americans” on American soil. It is a baseless argument, because most everyone knows that the government will not use Drones to kill Americans. The argument being made by Rand Paul and some Democrats in Congress and even some journalist like Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, intentionally remove the word terrorist or enemy combatant from their argument, and leaves the impression that Obama is going to use drones to kill regular Americans.

The video below shows John McCain today, dismantling Rand Paul’s filibuster of an Obama nominee.

One Republican putting another Republican in his place? Yeah, we’ll highlight that any day.

It’s amazing what a dinner could do.


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