Here We Go Again – Michael Jordan Paternity Suit

Taj. Claims he's the son of Michael Jordon

Taj. Claims Michael Jordon is his father

Well, here is another athlete for a paternity suit.  This time it is Michael Jordan.  This is common.  A woman has a date with a famous person, sleeps with that person and, low and behold, gets pregnant.  She then waits her customary nine months and then decides that she wants money.  So she sues for paternity.

There is only one small problem with this scenario.  The child in question is sixteen years old.  Sixteen is almost an adult and she decides now that she needs paternity.  She has the kid convinced that Michael is his father. He put out a video on YouTube stating that he is Michael Jordan’s son.  So, now Michael has to prove that he is not the father of this kid.  This would make a great episode of Jerry Springer.  She not only wants money from Michael, she wants the paternity verified by giving the child the Jordan last name.

There is something wrong here.  Just because someone is famous does not give every crackpot the right to go after them for some imagined slight in a past life.  Maybe Michael is the father.  Why wait sixteen years to go after him?  What happened? Did she run out of other prospects and decided that he was the next best thing?

The courts should stop making it possible for these women to come out of the woodworks and blame famous people for their mistakes.  If she was any type of woman, if she had any morals at all, she would not be going after someone just for money.  Get a job and support your child as you have done for the sixteen years you had him.  Don’t go after a famous figure for money.

Here’s a quarter.  Dial 1-800-JerrySPringer and get your fifteen minutes of fame that way.

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