I Am Not A Human Being II

I Am Not A Human Being II (IANAHB2) is the tenth album from the rapper Lil Wayne and was released this past Tuesday, March 26th, 2013. Thankfully through the wonders of iTunes I got myself a copy and have run through every track on there, which is a first for me regarding any Lil Wayne album.

A little background information first, I am not a big fan of Lil Wayne or any Young Money rapper, or even am I a big fan of any rap music in general. I do admit to having rap on my Ipod and it is enjoyable to listen to while driving at night, so I decided to give this album a try.

IANAHB 2 seems to be lost between Weezy’s past albums and what you’d find off his mixtapes. Throughout the album you find songs that seem to be experimental and stray from what you’re use to from Lil Wayne (“Hello”  in particular is nothing what I would have expected), leftovers from previous albums (A remade “Hot Revolver” is on here), but also the same in your face, drug crazed, gangster loving Lil Wayne the world has gotten from his previous albums. The most memorable song on here is probably the most pleasant surprise (God Bless America) as it holds a lot deeper of a meaning I’ve ever heard come from Lil Wayne before.

Overall this isn’t Lil Wayne in his finest form, which is something you can expect from an album that doesn’t have the word “Carter” in it. While the songs seem to be off from what we’re use to from Lil Wayne along with some of his older songs recycled into here, it’s still something you’ll want to at least give it a listen to. As for me, I’ll be adding more rap music on my iTunes library and patiently waiting for “Tha Carter V”.


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