Hermes Is Selling A $91,500 T-Shirt

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The sales tax alone is around $8,000.

Luxury designer brand Hermes has unveiled their new crocodile and chiffon t-shirt retailing at $91,500.

According to Jezebel,  it’s a  men’s T-shirt and is exclusively available at the Hermes flagship store on Madison Avenue in NYC.

Those poor crocodiles may have died in vain, but at least their remains are being sold for a fortune.


Media Takeout is reporting that Kanye West has already purchased the shirt.

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Branden Lee is a blogger, screenwriter, producer, and actor. Branden studied Communications at Northeastern University while minoring in Production. Branden's writing has appeared on Thought Catalog, The New Gay, Examiner, and he's currently a celebrity gossip contributor for Wish I Didn't Know.


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