Chardonnay, Where Have You Been All My Life?


It was rare that I even drank a white wine anymore. In my club-hopping days, white wines were all the rage because they were cheap and easy to pronounce. They were also very sweet, exactly the way you  thought a wine should taste when you’re a naive 18 y.o.  

My taste for wines matured right along the time that I did and so I began looking for a more sophisticated, sultry, complex taste. I remember my first red was a Cabernet Sauvignon and I liked it primarily because the name was French and I could order it with the proper accent almost immediately, even when drunk. Then came the chiantys, the merlots, the burgundies and  pinot noirs. The zinfandels, which I liked the least, the Italian Reds and Argentine Malbecs. And I adored the Chileans.

Then, at a recent house party I threw,  one of my guests brought over a bottle of Catena 2005 Chardonnay Mendoza–an Argentinian white–and dispelled my whole myth of  white wines not having enough seriousness to set the desired ambiance of the moment.

The typical taste of a chardonnay is a voluptuous, wide-bodied, velvety flavor. There’s a buttery tone with hints of citrus, vanilla, toasty coconut or toffee. Very grown-up, it sure wasn’t the taste I had remembered from my wasted youth lol!

I still love my sexy reds, but I can appreciate a white wine now and will be exploring others.

Not wanting to ruin my newfound discovery with a mismatched food pairing , I looked up some meals that are said to go great with chardonnay that I can try out, all ready in about an hour’s time or less. My taste buds can’t wait to try them out together!

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Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.