Bill O’Reilly Blows His Lid In Fox The Land Of Make Believe

Ah, the good ole folks over there at Fox! They’re literally blowing their lids!

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Bill O’ Reilly – host of Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor – had Alan Colmes on his “Factor” program earlier tonight and it was quite apparent that Billy forgot to take his medication. Or maybe President Obama cut the amount of medication Reilly was supposed to get!

Actually, that was the reason for O’Reilly’s massive flare up on Colmes. Reilly asked Colmes to “name one damn program Obama said he will cut.” Colmes named two – Medicare and Medicaid, but O’Reilly wasn’t hearing it. He kept insisting that Colmes should name “one program.”

Realizing that he wasn’t getting the calmer Colmes to jog down the insanity road with him, Reilly began personally attacking Colmes. This, understandably offended Alan and he firmly, but respectfully disagreed with O’Reilly.

“Don’t call me a liar! Don’t you dare call me a liar!” Colmes said, over and over again. But the show’s host insisted and continued calling his guest a liar although Colmes correctly named the programs.

Only in the land of Fox Make Believe would someone like Alan Colmes presenting facts be called a liar.

Guess what. The whole thing was caught on tape. Watch the exchange below.

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