Banning Bloomberg


So, the Emperor Michael Bloomberg….Ahem, Excuse me, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has developed a habit of wanting to ban…well, most anything  his arrogance can come up with it. He recently sent New Yorkers in a tizzy when he wanted to crack down on those over-sized 32 oz drinks. Maybe he felt they were in direct competition of his over-sized ego?

One will never know.

He has vehemently expressed that banning these 32 oz drinks will help fight obesity. Oh, really? How exactly does this help fight obesity considering the fact I can just run to my local grocery store and buy a 2 liter in a rebellious state of mind?? Or did he  miss the part where many fast food places and restaurants provide free unlimited refills on beverages so that you can drink yourself into a sugary stupor??

If you were truly interested in fighting obesity, how about developing some real plans that could actually work.

For example, our youth is the largest it’s ever been due to the ever increasingly dependence upon video games to fulfill their recreational needs. So, why not try implementing mandatory recess time and Physical Education class in order to help keep our kids active and start a mental trend towards a healthier state of mind and body?

Did you know that too many of New York’s public schools have NO recess or as little as 10 minutes time to run around, play, and burn away some calories? Or that qualified Phys. Ed. teachers are being pulled out of the gym to go teach Social Studies?? Yes, this is really happening in the NY public school system.

Or maybe we can spend some of our taxes on creating more accessible recreational centers that offer plentiful exercise equipment at affordable prices. New York has some, but not quite enough.

Fortunately, someone has finally put Bloomberg at a halt. A New York judge has seen right through this Big Gulp facade and has labeled Bloomberg’s banning desire as arbitrary and capricious and put an end to this silly 32 oz drink ban.

But don’t worry folks, Emperor Bloomberg is going to appeal this judgement and waste more time and money on this frivolous matter instead of dealing with bigger issues that comes with running a major metropolitan city. You know, small things like: crime, economy, hunger and homelessness, and the ever crippling real estate issue.

Bloomberg went so far as to say,Michael-Bloomberg

“Anytime you adopt a groundbreaking policy, special interests will sue. That’s America.”

Only in Bloomberg’s world is banning a 32 oz drink a groundbreaking policy.

I just hope the rest of America is paying attention to what’s going on in New York because if the mayor decides to run for Presidency in 2016, we should all be worried at the great lengths and tax payers’ dollars he will spend just to get his way.

For us New Yorkers, we have quickly learned that the tale is indeed true —

Our Emperor has no clothes.