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WORLDTradeCenterBombingAnniv“Every year it is sad. The memories just come back and it’s just sad. But we stick together as a family. We get to see the other families each year. We support each other and that’s what it is about, coming back each year. “  says Denise Knapp Rossilli, daughter of Stephen Knapp, one of the six people killed by a bomb explosion in a van parked at an underground garage at the World Trade Center in 1993. Tuesday, February 26, at 12:18 p.m. marked the exact time and date  of the 20th Anniversary of the very first  attack on the WTC in NYC , while also marking the 18 years prior to the September 11th 2011 attacks here. 1,000 people were also injured in the blast that still leaves thousands of questions unanswered, in my opinion. The two days will be known as the most infamous in New York City’s history. Family members of Knapp’s and the other five people who died in the blast, John DiGiovanni, 45, Robert W. Kirkpatrick, 61, William Macko, 57, Wilfredo Mercado, 37, Monica Rodriguez Smith, 34 and her unborn child,  participated in a commemorative ceremony at Ground Zero in as a bell tolled for a moment of silence at 12:18 p.m., followed by New York Police Department bagpipers playing “Amazing Grace.”
Six Islamic extremists, including mastermind Ramzi Yousef, were convicted of carrying out the 1993 bombing. ♦

coming-to-america-em13Do I think too much of deal was made of that white Democratic assemblyman who put on brown  makeup, an afro wig to portray a basketball player at his own costume party, in his own home while celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim, for which costumes are commonly part of ? Lemme put it this way;  was I upset when Eddie Murphy portrayed an old Jewish dude in the movie ‘Coming To America’  by putting on Caucasian colored make up, a large bulbous nose and talked in a heavy Yiddish accent?…okay then. Pilgrims, its one thing to  put on ‘black face’ and to associate that with all the negative,derogatory meanings and images it conjures up for black folks and liberals — and it’s another thing to dress-up-for-a-party-in-a-homemade-costume-which-just-so-happens-to-represent-a-person-of-color…and never the twain shall  meet.  Of course I would’ve, however, been offended if Assemblyman Hikind were to dress up in that same ensemble and say… rob a bank or something. Totally different situation right there! ♦

Everything you may need to start knowing about Drones: Part 2DRONEpredator-4
Spy in the Sky

  • The RQ-1 is the reconnaissance version of the Predator UAV. The letter ‘R’ is the U.S. Defense Department signature for an aircraft designated for reconnaissance. ‘Q’ is a designation for unmanned or automated weapons or vehicles.
  • The simple and lightweight design of the Predator’s fuselage allows it to carry a payload of up to 450 pounds (204 kg) in addition to the weight of its 100-gallon (378.5-liter) fuel tank. This large fuel tank and the nice gas mileage afforded by the Predator’s light weight are great assets for a reconnaissance aircraft. The Predator can stay in the air monitoring enemy positions for up to 24 hours fully loaded.
  • The RQ-1 uses some of the most sophisticated monitoring equipment available today:
  1. Full-color nose camera that the pilot uses primarily to navigate the craft
  2. Variable aperture camera (similar to a traditional TV camera) that functions as the Predator’s main set of “eyes”
  3. Variable aperture infrared camera for low-light and night viewing
  4. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for seeing through haze, clouds or smoke
  5. Every camera in the plane’s forward bank can produce full-motion video and still-frame radar images.
  • The RQ-1 can give real-time imagery of the enemy position to a command post well before the first troops or vehicles arrive. This kind of information allows field commanders to make quick and informed decisions about troop deployment, movements and enemy capabilities. Of course, the greatest advantage of using the Predator is that it has all the advantages of a traditional reconnaissance sortie without ever exposing the pilot to a hostile environment. ♦ h/t HowStuffWorks

And just because I feel  The Murph does not  get enough credit for his incredible transformations into the numerous impressions in his repertoire, I’d like to pay homage to his talents right now.  Like to see it? Here it go : ) ♦

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