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KOOP C EVERETTEFormer U.S. Surgeon General under Ronald Reagan, C. Everett Koop passed away Monday at 96 y.o. I always felt he was one of the most vocal, concerned SGs this country has had in a while. Bet you can’t even name our present SG. Me either. I’ll google it after I finish this little memorial…I remember when Mr.Koop first got my attention as he began regularly sporting that immaculate, crisp, white uniform and the gold-braided dark-blue uniform of a vice admiral, a practice he himself revived (I’ve always loved a man in uniform lol). I was transfixed as I watched his salt and pepper, biblical beard rapidly moving up and down as he raged against the tobacco industry during news interviews regarding his anti-smoking campaign “A Smoke-Free Society by the Year 2000″. He didn’t make any friends of the lawmakers who made big money catering to the tobacco lobbyists. He was an advocate for a strong Aids Awareness program and privacy for Aids victims, and although personally against abortion, Koop did not use his office to dictate to women, what should be their choice as to whether or not to have one. Lost a lot of Repub allies over that one too! God Speed C. Everett Koop, a man of conscience, courage and conviction. Don’t see that too much these days in political figures. ♦

cannibal-cop2The Cannibal Cop‘s got his wife crying in court over the fact that she found out he had intentions of eating her too!–and not in the fun way either. The attorneys for Gilberto Valle, 28, a New York City policeman accused of conspiring to kidnap and eventually eat women, argued in his defense saying Valle just has a little fetish and was only fantasizing, nothing to take seriously, although investigators turned up a shopping list of 100 women who he couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into. Valle’s estranged wife, Kathleen Mangan testified to fleeing from their home last year after finding “disturbing material” on her hubby’s computer. I’m sure disturbing was putting it mildly. ♦

dick-cheney-george-bush-photo-1Will we begin to hear talk from the White House once again on the prosecution of Dick Cheney and GW Bush, now that’s its been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they were in involved in the fabrication of the whole WOMD-War-On-Terrorism-Saddam-Hussein-was-involved-with-911-search-and-capture-of-Osama-Bin-Laden thing, thanks to Rachel Maddow‘s excellent documentary ‘Hubris’? I know one thing’s for sure. All the conspiratorial inferences and cover-up accusations aimed at Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Susan Rice concerning the Benghazi incident, and the litany of bullshit condemnations, indignation and stonewalling on the part of the Republicans during Chuck Hagel‘s confirmation hearings, was just an attempt to get as much spin as possible on their ‘alternate universe conspiracies’ before ‘Hubris’ hit the fan. Guess they thought creating an atmosphere of doubt over President Obama‘s Administration would distract us from the dishonorable Bush presidency. I know the saying goes ‘nothing beats a failure but a try’…but not in this case boys. ♦

predator-cutawayEverything you may need to start knowing about Drones: Part I

As an aircraft, the Predator UAV is little more than a super-fancy remote-controlled plane. But this simple design lends itself well to the Predator’s intended functions. Below you can see the placement of components:
  1. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Antenna
  2. Inertial Navigation System/GPS
  3. Ku-Band Satellite Communications Antenna
  4. Video Cassette Recorder
  5. GPS Antennas (Left and Right)
  6. APX-100 Identification Friend or Foe Transponder
  7. Ku-Band Satellite Communications Sensor Processor Modem Assembly
  8. C-Band Upper Omnidirectional Antenna Bracket
  9. Forward Fuel Cell Assembly
  10. Aft Fuel Cell Assembly
  11. Accessory Bay
  12. Engine Cooling Fan
  13. Oil Cooler/Radiator
  14. 914F Engine
  15. Tail Servo (Left and Right)
  16. Battery Assembly #2
  17. Power Supply
  18. Battery Assembly #1
  19. Aft Equipment Bay Tray
  20. Secondary Control Module
  21. Synthetic Aperture Radar Processor/AGM-114 Electronics Assembly
  22. Primary Control Module
  23. Front Bay Avionics Tray
  24. ARC-210 Receiver/Transmitter
  25. Flight Sensor Unit
  26. Video Encoder
  27. De-ice Controller
  28. Electro-Optical/Infrared Sensor/AN/AAS-52(V)1 Electronics Assembly
  29. Front Bay Payload Tray
  30. Ice Detector
  31. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Receiver/Transmitter
  32. Nose Camera Assembly

h/t How Stuff Works

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