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trayvon martin

Trayvon Martin would have celebrated his 18th birthday this past Tuesday. And thanks to Seminole County Circuit Court Judge Debra Nelson, justice prevailed that day in the case of the man who killed him. The judge denied George Zimmerman‘s bid for a delay of  his June 10th trial for the murder of the unarmed, black teenager, whom he shot and killed a year ago this month. Judge Nelson explained that she had allotted Zimmerman and his lawyers ample time before his hearing Tuesday, to bring any issues about the trial to her attention but that they made no use of that time.

Trayvon’s family and attorneys held a memorial service on the courthouse lawn before the hearing got under way.

Yelling-on-phoneHow is it in the Year of Our Lord 2013 A.D. people still don’t get that its not necessary to scream into your cellphones in order for the person on the other end of the phone to hear you? Is it the absence of the extended mouthpiece that was available on your land-line (is available, I’ve still got one!) that gives you the illusion you’re talking to someone far away hence the yelling? Is it possible you’ve just gone deaf from having the infamous microwave technology radiating through your fried ear drum and beyond? Or do you think your loud incessant jabbering should take precedence over my personal space and stillness during our morning commute together? Calling on the Lord to smite you will only bring bad karma on me so I bite my tongue when I hear one of you entering the vehicle, but if you only knew what I was thinking…y’all know who you are.

dalls couple shot  kimA 75 y.o. man shot and killed a Dallas couple with five kids, in retaliation for them sweeping  feces from the couple’s dog onto the front entrance of his apartment. Chung Won Kim testified that he shot 31 y.o. Michelle Jackson as she stepped onto her patio Monday at around 8am at the Sable Ridge Apartments in Dallas, Texas. Kim then went into the apartment and shot her fiancee  Jamie Stafford also 31 y.o. In what dimension does a feud escalate to the point where two young people are killed, five children are left orphaned and an old man is incarcerated for a double-homicide because of dog-doo-doo? Well, you know.

Frankaudreypeterman-2I ♥ Audrey Peterman. When she gleefully took her husband up on a suggestion to take a couple of months off and drive around the country to see America, she had no idea it would lead to her life’s mission.  She was equally surprised when she saw on her journey less than a handful of America’s multi-ethnic and multi-racial citizens among the visitors and employees in the national parks. She and her husband Frank Peterman made a vow then to expose the natural wonders of our national parks and recreation areas to all Americans who, Audrey says, are the owners and stakeholders of our planet’s natural resources. Frank became the Southeastern Regional Director of the The Wilderness Society and he and Audrey continue to pursue their dream of a world in which people love and respect nature and are invested in its care. A few years ago I visited the Grand Canyon and the majestic mountain parks in Arizona and let me tell you, the connection you forge with nature out there is real and formidable. The grandness of the earth becomes a part of you that you keep and take back home. Corny I know, but go and see for yourself, pilgrim.

kardasian's gunWhat was on Kim Kardashian’s mind as she tweeted a picture of a jewel-encrusted hand gun on Saturday? As usual, not a damn thing.  The pregnant reality star, forgetting she encouraged her Twitter followers to sign a pledge to help combat gun violence following the Sandy Hook shooting in December just a few weeks ago, quickly deleted the image after discovering her faux pas. Or more than likely someone pointed out the hypocrisy to the busy starlet. Oh– and good luck with the “happily-ever-after” Kanye. Thank goodness you didn’t wind up with no golddigga…

design2The chief executive of Twitter revealed that he wants the microblogging site to be as big as Facebook – with one billion users. Dick Costolo reignited the row with his company’s most bitter rival by taking aim at the milestone Facebook only reached in October after nine years of operation.

“We’re the size that 99.9 per cent of the other companies would like to be, but we believe Twitter is valuable to everybody on the planet.” says Costolo.

Twitter has 500 million users and has been running for seven years. Mr.  Costolo, 49, said: ‘I don’t think about our goals in terms of other companies (uh-huh). Where we want to get to is human scale, global scale. That’s a billion users, not where we are today.” Oooh! So that’s what the rich think about constantly, getting mo’ rich. Making a mental note.

So–what do self-absorbed teenagers and cockroaches have in common? Both are constantly grooming themselves to get close to the opposite sex.

  • cockroach groomingCockroaches’ antennae cleaning helps them detect potential mates
  • Leaving them dirty blinds the insects to their surroundings
  • When they were stopped from grooming a shiny substance collected

Yep, just like a teenager. The personal hygiene procedure is vital in keeping their sensory organs in tip-top shape, say scientists, allowing them to identify members of the opposite sex.

Pest-control possibilities stem from this research since the subjects are constantly grooming and ingesting any foreign or native matter that falls onto their bodies.

I’m talking about the roaches now. I love kids…really!

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