Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jesse-Jackson-JrWhat is it about public figures that make them do dumb things they’ll eventually get caught at because, well, they’re public figures. I mean, I can understand us little folk trying to pull off some kinda hustle cuz we’re figuring maybe no one’s even paying any attention to us. And nowadays that’s a BIG maybe. But you Public Figures!? You guys are either oblivious, get off on extreme risk-taking, or have a distorted view on the best ways to draw attention to yourselves.

Case in point: Jesse Jackson Jr., son of notable civil rights activists and cultural icon Jesse Jackson Sr. (also, not without his issues) is under investigation for embezzling money from his own campaign funds to buy more than $20,000 worth of Michael Jackson memorabilia, $10,000 in Bruce Lee paraphernalia, as well as fur coats and capes. Yep! Certainly worth going to the Booty-Pen for, Junior. 

Jackson is expected to plead guilty to federal charges filed today in Washington. He faces up to five years in federal prison for his bad judgement or lack thereof.  His wife, an ex-Chicago alderman, has also been charged with falsifying tax records and underrepresenting her income. SMH!…♦


Few folks would believe that Congress will actually take us to the brink of a dreaded sequester of $85 billion in automatic spending cuts due to its failure to come up with a solid, mutually satisfying balanced budget, but here we are 2 weeks til the deadline and we’ve got nothin’.

 “We’re pretty far away because we have revenue in ours…”– Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.).

“It’s my guess that sequester is going to kick in on March 1 because, again, unless you have real reductions in spending, this bill just kicks the can down the road…” — Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.)

[*NOTE: Colors correspond to inadequate response to the sequester by affiliated Parties.]  

THE BOYFRIEND CHALLENGE 2013So someone tell me what’s the dating scene is like out here these days?

I’m only asking because some concerned friends of mine, abhorred that I’d write about my contentment to sit at my computer all day and claim to have a satisfying relationship with it, mentioned to me that my present state of single-ness was unacceptable.  Actually they used more harsh terms, but I won’t print them here.

Suffice it to say, they’ve given me an assignment to break it off with PC and go out and find a RealGuy. O000 — I don’t know, that sounds like a lotta work. But Spring is coming, and God willing, will soon be  followed by Summer and I’ll only regret not listening to their threats when those glorious Summer Nights start rolling in in the world’s greatest city, New York and I’ve got no one to spend time with. So, I’ll indulge them for as long as I can. I don’t know how MyComputer’s gonna take it though. He’s scary-jealous. ♦

Lean Cuisine_panini2In a related subject: Last night was my 2nd night of my pledge to eat a Lean Cuisine meal for 21 days to trim down a bit. LC’s Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom Panini was good-to-go, although the frozen chicken pieces were a hideous grayish brown until zapped in the microwave. I suggest microwaving it a little bit longer than the 2 3/4 minutes suggested if you like your panini bread a bit stiffer. I went for a full 3 minutes.  A little too lightly seasoned for my tastes ( I had to at least add some pepper), but still tasty and hunger satisfying.  The all important cheese in the panini was of course reduced fat so it didn’t really give you that mouth-watering effect that an authentic Panini would normally give when you caught the aroma of seared mozzarella cheese melting down into the toast, but hey, its diet food.  I’d give this meal  a 3 out of 5,  and in the future I’ll reserve the LC sandwiches for a snack rather than dinner. ♦

Later pilgrims…



Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.