A-Rod Had No Intention Of Stopping

Friday morning, the Miami New Times again released information regarding Alex Rodriguez and his steroid use. Sources say A-Rod was spending $14,000 a month on steroids and was injected regularly by the head of Biogenesis of America, Anthony Bosch. Bosch has publicly denied treating Alex.

Sources also revealed to the Miami newspaper that A-Rod had an agreement in place with Bosch that would have Alex paying $12,000 a month for the next 4 years. Proof that Alex had no intent to stop what he was doing any time soon. Clearly, A-Rod does not trust his own level of talent. It also stands to reason that Rodriguez has likely used PEDs for almost all his career.

Alex again denied allegations Friday through a spokesperson. The evidence released was very damning to Rodriguez.

In a letter obtained by the Miami New Times from the BoA director, Anthony Bosch claims that Melky Cabrera owes him $14,000 including “a $5,000 bonus for making the All-Star Team.” The letter was addressed to Juan Nunez, a consultant who worked for agents Sam and Seth Levinson of ACES. ACES is the agency that handled Cabrera.

The Levinsons are currently under investigation by MLB but have been cleared by the players union. Juan Nunez has since been fired from ACES and could not be reached for comment.

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