Are The Knicks Cracking and Crumbling?


The Knicks began the season looking like they could be competing for the top spot in the East. A solid starting 5 and a deep bench combined with Carmelo Anthony’s MVP caliber first half was making for some exciting basketball. However, the Knicks limped into the all star break and have started the second half of the season with two very different but equally crushing losses.

Losing to Indiana is not shameful. Not showing up at all to play the game is very shameful. Then to go into Toronto and play the Raptors for what should be an easy win for the Knicks and to be dealt a heart breaking loss. It’s easy to wonder if the Knicks are beginning to crumble. At the begining of the season I wondered if the high average age would become an issue late in the season and it seems that my worries may have been well founded.

One idea to mix things up is by inserting Amar’e into the starting 5. No matter what the team does though, it’s all up to the players and head coach Mike Woodson. The Knicks opted to not make any significant changes at the trade deadline, only signing Kenyon Martin to a 10 day deal. The organization obviously feels that they have the right players on this team. What do you think? Can the Knicks straighten themselves out or are they done for?

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Nick is from the Bronx and grew up just a short subway ride away from the original Yankee Stadium. He spent many days of his youth sitting in those old seats and from that, he has developed a strong love for sports.


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