Happy Super Bowl Sunday: Here’s An Idea For Your Feast

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to everyone! It’s that special day of the year for sports that has something for everyone. Maybe your team is finally in the big game or maybe you’re a diehard football fan and just want to see a good matchup. Maybe you’re the occasional fan who makes the day more interesting with Super Bowl pools or maybe you’re just in it for the commercials and the half time show. And if none of that interests you, there is still the food. Oh the glorious amounts of super eats for Super Bowl Sunday!

No Super Bowl party is complete without its share of tailgate delectable. Buffalo wings are a staple today. Other fan favorites can be chilli, seven layer dip, pizza, jalapeño poppers or whatever else you’re into. It’s a day certainly built around eating foods you don’t need a table for. Just a napkin, maybe, and your mouth. But me, I’m a burger man so today I’ll be making my take on Wendy’s bacon mushroom cheddar melt. And I don’t usually do this but today I will make an exception. I’m going to tell you just how to prepare this artery clogger of deliciousness.


The first thing we need to talk about is what we do to prepare the burgers. It’s still early so quick, run and get yourself a bottle of Samuel Adams. No, don’t drink it! Pour that brew into a ziplock bag with some sirloin burgers. Use a second bottle if one was not enough to submerge the burgers like a marinade. Sam Adams is a strong beer but it is also one of the worlds most tastiest beers and when the alcohol cooks off, it’s going to give the burger a nice sweet taste. Oh and let’s not forget that Sam Adams is made right here in the USA. So once we’ve marinated our burgers in America’s finest beer and we are ready to grill them up, only season with some salt and pepper and throw them on the grill. If no grill, use a pan. It’s all good.

I don’t want you to make a rookie mistake here, don’t flip the burgers too much, you’ll dry them out and then you might as well just buy them from Wendy’s. While you’re burgers are going or even a little while before, you should be sizzling up some bacon and sautéing some mushrooms. And in a small pot or sauce pan goes a can of Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup. This soup is the perfect consistency to match Wendy’s cheese sauce.

After my mushrooms are sautéed, I like to dice em up and throw them into the soup. So once everything is done and your burgers are just about done, place a thin slice of cheddar cheese on each burger. To assemble this treat, start with your bottom bun. Place a bit of the cheese sauce on the bottom of the bun followed by your sirloin burger. Then the bacon is placed on the burger and over the bacon goes a healthy scoop of your cheese and mushroom sauce. Top with the bun and enjoy! But have plenty of napkins because its about to get messy. I hope I’ve given you guys and gals a good suggestion for your Super Bowl feast.

Everyone out there, we at EZKOOL.com wish you an enjoyable and safe Super Bowl Sunday!

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