Get Ready For The Titanic 2 – Ship Sails In 2016


Plans for the new Titanic were revealed at a press conference in New York on Tuesday by billionaire Clive Palmer and his Blue Star Line Company. According to the plans, the new Titanic will be an exact replica of the doomed ship that sank on its maiden voyage about 100 years ago.

Titanic 2 will make its maiden voyage on 2016 from Southhampton, England to New York, carrying 2,600 passengers in 850 cabins. It will employ about 900 crew members. The length will be three inches longer than the original at 883 feet and include 18 lifeboats — enough for everyone on board.

“The area [for] passengers will be authentic with the same design and facilities, but there will be modern things such as air conditioning and other features we are debating, such as Internet on the ship,” Palmer said at the press conference. “I’m against it. I think you should relax on vacation. There won’t be TVs in the state rooms though.”

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