Excuse Me, Do You Know What Time Is It?

Another day, another Time of arguing, bickering, finger-pointing and disagreements. No, not your kids, Grown Ups in Washington. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though It’s Time for “Grown Ups” to start acting like “Grown Ups”.

Speaker Boehner is blaming President Obama for the upcoming disaster called the Sequester, President Obama is firing back stating the Congress needs to act before We, The People, fall into yet another catastrophic economic meltdown. GOP members Ted Cruz, a freshman, has joined the fray with the “blame game” stating the President isn’t doing enough on Immigration Reform. Adults, acting like children. Or, is it just children dressed up in Adult clothing?


Senator’s McCain, Graham, Rubio, Ryan and the lot are making a mockery of the office in which they represent by, instead of bringing solid solutions of important issues, they take it to the media for “soundbite” and talking-points. As a grown up, do you, average American, go to the Source of your disagreement or do you cower and discuss with everyone other than the one you have the disagreement with? Hmmm, I tend to believe it’s not the latter for most of us.

What Time Is It? Well, It’s Time To Get This House in Order

Every American, even if you don’t follow politics, has seen the News Tickers counting down to the Sequester. Or you’ve heard about the Immigration issue. You’ve seen and heard about the confirmation hearings with Chuck Hagel, a Republican, trying to fight his way through intense questioning about his “true” allegiances.  Ironically, it’s the Republicans that are holding up the process. Or how about the Gun Control Fight, or gay marriage issue or Obamacare? No matter where you stand on these issues, This House, The United States of America, is completely “Out of Order”.

broken flag

We’re a Great Country that prides itself on multi-tasking, coming together to get big jobs accomplished, but as of late, oh, I’ll say since President Obama took office in 2009, members of the GOP have forgotten how to govern, how to work across the aisle, how to be grown ups. Newt Gingrich has boasted about how when he was Speaker of the House, he worked with President Clinton to pass important legislation. Speaker of the House Tipp O’Neil and President Reagan came together, contentiously,  to move this nation forward with “Reaganomics”.

Well,  That’s What Time It Is. Working TOGETHER. Or have we forgotten how to do that?

What Time Is It? It’s Time To Move Forward

Look, I know there’s tremendous animosities in Washington. The GOP and it’s surrogates don’t like President Obama but guess what? He’s the President so get over it. You were elected to work FOR THE PEOPLE of the United States of America. ALL of us, not just for your party. You took an oath before GOD and man to Serve the People. Well, do Your Job and Serve.

No more finger pointing. No more taking the arguments and/or disagreements to the media. Sit down, like grown ups, discuss, map out, dissect, compromise where it makes sense and Move Forward. Most jobs (if not all of them) have deadlines to meet. I don’t know of any successful job that waits for the last day or even goes past the deadline. Washington, Congress, Senators, House of Representatives, you’re not exempt.

Get it together…let’s Move Forward…that’s What Time It Is!

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