Can’t We All Just Get Along (Thank you Rodney King)


In a time in which this nation should be coming together as, “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For ALL”, we are far from it. Just look at the dysfunctional Congress and Washington itself. The rhetoric and bickering back and forth.

From the fiscal cliff, to sequestering. From gun control to more gun violence. From members in Congress and the House fighting against President Obama on Debt Reduction when not so many years ago, the GOP agreed with adding to the Debt by waging of, not one, but two wars against Iraq and Afghanistan under then President Bush.

Yes, we, who are following suit with the dysfunctional people in Washington, are just as dysfunctional. Just last week, a story surfaced about a Neo-Nazi that didn’t want a black nurse to tend to his new born child. Really? As if she were to look after the other 49-new born, but a white nurse should be the only one tending to the Neo New Born.

Amazing, right?

But there is Hope. That Hope is in every single American in this Great Nation. We, the People, have to believe in that awesome Pledge of  “One Nation, Under God (we are),  Indivisible (we can be), With Liberty and Justice For ALL” (It Has To Be). We look to our leaders in Washington, in the pulpit and on the job, but what we receive is that one great equation; division.

Come on America! Don’t wait for another catastrophe to bring us together. Let’s already be United, let’s already be on One Accord, let’s already be for the 100% and not a bunch of “Takers”. It takes All of US to make this nation Great for “Together, We Stand, Divided, We Fall”.

We are The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Let’s start acting like it…Let’s start “getting along”…the world IS watching.

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Happily Married Father w/ a Daughter on her way to College. Sports Fanatic, Follower of Politics, Lover of Truth But I Despise Racism, Bigotry and Those Who Won't Stand Up For All of Us instead of the 47%.


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