Can Jeter Keep Going?


Derek Jeter has officially reported to spring training and sat down to address the media mainly about how his ankle is feeling. If you don’t recall, last year during the ALCS, Jeter broke his ankle and had to be carried off the field. He had been playing on what was thought to be a bone bruise but later turned out to be a stress fracture. Jeter revealed to the media that he had screws inserted into his ankle and that they would be there forever. When asked how the off season went, Jeter told the press that it was terrible having to rehab from this injury. Jeter admitted to having to learn how to walk again and even using a motor scooter to get around his 30,000 square foot home.

However, when Jeter was asked if he would be good to go on opening day, his answer was simple. “Why not?” Jeter sees no reason why he wouldn’t be fine to start the season on April 1st. He claims that his ankle is completely healed and that his only hurdle is getting the rest of his 38 year old body into game shape. Jeter was recently cleared by team doctors to resume all baseball activity but said he would not play in a spring training game until March.

I’ve noticed that many baseball “fans” believe that Jeter is too old to come back from this injury and too old to produce on a high level. These people compare him to other short stops and other players of his age. What people don’t understand is that there isn’t a single player in the league like Derek Jeter. If anyone can come back from this injury it is him. To those who say that he is too old to produce, let’s not forget he led the league in hits last season. Jeter believes he can have another year like last year and the Yankees are relying on him to do so. One thing I’ve learned about Derek Jeter since he came up with the club in 1995; he rarely disappoints.

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Nick is from the Bronx and grew up just a short subway ride away from the original Yankee Stadium. He spent many days of his youth sitting in those old seats and from that, he has developed a strong love for sports.


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