Ann Coulter – Single Mothers Produce The Most Criminals And Muslim Is Not A Religion

She has a way with words, but hearing what Ann Coulter had to say tonight on Fox News’ The Red Eye, made me take another look at the screen. The group was talking about criminals and one guest Joe Derosa, stated that the environment is responsible for creating “most criminals.” To which Ann Coulter chimed in claiming that single mothers produce the most criminals, a talking point that originated in 1995 with the Republican group, the Heritage Foundation.

Most criminals come from single mothers. It’s true. And I think you’ll agree on my other point which is why this leads to my conclusion, once you committed a violent crime let’s say, I say death penalty.

At this point, there’s laughter in the group but Coulter wasn’t finished. She then continued to say that if a criminal cannot convert to Christianity, then they should be put to death. Mr. Derosa asked if she’s only focusing on Christianity and not any other forms of Religion, to which Coulter answered in a rather sarcastic tone, “what, Muslim?” She then ended with “that’s a FANTASTIC idea!”

Watch the video below.

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