Who You Callin’ A Republican?


Eric Cantor…

Realizing that they are collapsing under the weight of their own foolishness, the Republican Party has begun to sound more and more like “bleeding-heart liberals” than Conservatives. 

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was on Meet the Press Sunday afternoon, rattling on about poor and unemployed “Joe Smoe”, who along with his family, suffers silently under this terrible economy. And there was the little girl he just met who has cancer but doesn’t have healthcare coverage to pay for her chemotherapy.

With his lower lip slightly trembling, Cantor wanted moderator David Gregory to know that the GOP is terribly concerned over the plight of all those little bitty immigrant children, who through no fault of their own are brought to this country illegally by their mean parents, and when caught, have to face the uncertainty of deportation and being separated from family and the only real home they’ve ever known…then in the exact same breath he claimed not to know what the Dream Act was…

Cantor Clown

…and Eric Cantor

More foolishness.


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