Justin Bieber Fans Cutting Themselves To Convince Beiber To Stop Smoking Weed

A few days ago, photos were released on the internet showing Justin Bieber smoking what appears to be weed. So Bieber’s fans, trying to show their displeasure in Bieber’s cannabis-loving ways, resorted to cutting themselves hoping that Bieber would see or maybe feel their pain and leave the weed alone.


There is even a hashtag on Twitter (#Cut4Bieber).

As fans started tweeting pictures of themselves being cut, Miley Cirus headed to twitter trying to convince fans that this is not the way to go. “Don’t blame this on Justin, it’s his life no one else’s!” she initially wrote. “So stop with this #Cut4Bieber self harming is serious.”

And Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris Jackson, also tried putting a stop to the madness. She tweeted;

No word from Bieber on whether he will satisfy his fans’ demand.

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