Filibuster Deal Reached – Republicans Are Happy


Well, the word on the street is that a “deal” was reached on Filibuster reform. This “deal” was negotiated between Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

According to reports, this new “deal” will make some changes to how filibusters are done. These changes are:

  • Make it harder to filibuster the “motion to proceed,” which allows the Senate to start debate on a piece of legislation. Senators can still filibuster the actual legislation.
  • Eliminate some of the procedural hurdles to send legislation to a conference with the U.S. House to resolve differences between competing bills.
  • Make it easier to confirm certain judicial nominations. It does not apply to Cabinet positions, circuit court nominations or Supreme Court nominations.

Notice any changes yet? No? Well you’re not alone. Anyone looking at this “deal” is left wondering exactly what did Harry Reid get in return. He basically allowed Mitch McConnell and the Republicans to continue blocking bills just because they feel like it. And what did  Reid and the Democrats get in this “deal?”As far as I could see, nothing.

Republicans are ecstatic though! Said Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, “We all want the Senate to function. I’m optimistic about it.”

Yes Lamar, you should be. You basically have things just the way they were before this so-called “deal” was reached.

You hear this all the time… Democrats have no backbone. Well based on what happened with the filibuster, you’d have to agree that at least in this case, that saying is correct.

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