Chris Christie And The GOP: The End Of A Love Affair

If Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was ever the darling of the Republican Party… he can now and forever kiss that romance good-bye. Christie let the GOP have it as only a  woman scorned could (tantamount to keying an ex’s new, shiny red Corvette) after the House voted to shelve a bill that would have immediately begun dispersing federal aid to states such as the Governor’s that suffered irreparable damage at the hands of Superstorm Sandy last October. Last week Congress finally did approve $9.7 billion in immediate assistance to Sandy’s victims.

“We have waited 72 days, seven times longer than victims of Hurricane Katrina waited,” Christie said in his annual State of the State address before a joint legislative session in Trenton. “New Jersey deserves better than the duplicity we saw on display,” adding that this was “why the American people hate Congress.”

“Some things are above politics… Sandy was and is one of those things.” he said.

And the New Jersey Governor didn’t mince words either, when he put the blame for the delay in aid squarely on the sensitive shoulders of House Speaker Boehner and the House Majority.

Christie has, for quite some time now, shown that there’s no real love lost between him and the Grand ‘Ole Party. But his constituents in New Jersey still have “a thing” for the pudgy politician. Christie has garnered a 73%  approval rating from registered voters of his state, according to a recent Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind survey.


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Amy Conton is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in New York, USA.


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