13 Pictures From The ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ 2013

Commuters from all over the world removed their pants on January 13th and took a trip on the subway. Why? Who knows. But this yearly trend is being done in cities near and far, including New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Lisbon, London, Milan, Paris, New Orleans, etc., etc., etc.,

Here’s a few pics from this year’s event.

1. no pants 1

2. no pants 2

3. no pants 3

4. no pants 4

5. no pants 5

6. no pants 7

7. no pants 6

8. no pants 8

9. no pants 9

10. no pants 10

11. no pants 11

12. no pants 12

13. no pants 13

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