John Boehner – A Useless Leader Without Followers


Well that was quick. It was over before it even started. Just a few short moments ago, House Republicans defeated their leader, John Boehner, with a resounding NO to his alleged “Plan B.” The vote was supposed to happen tonight didn’t even make the floor for a vote. Boehner’s office released a statement saying;

“The House did not take up the tax measure today because it did not have sufficient support from our members to pass. Now it is up to the President to work with Senator Reid on legislation to avert the fiscal cliff. The House has already passed legislation to stop all of the January 1st tax increases, and replace the sequester with responsible spending cuts that will begin to address our nation’s crippling debt. The Senate must now act.”

In other words, Boehner could not convince members of his own party to support his own bill.

Moments after that statement was released, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s was seen leaving the chambers and surrounded by the media. And for once in his life, Cantor did his best to stay out of camera view.

Media: “Is there going to be a vote tonight?”

Cantor: “Nope.”

Media: “Is there going to be a vote tomorrow?”

Cantor: “Nope.”

Media: “Are you ditching Plan B?”

Cantor: no answer.

Cantor’s office then released this statement:

The House has concluded legislative business for the week. Members are advised that the House will return for legislative business after the Christmas holiday, when needed.

Boehner’s Plan B was his feeble attempt to show the nation that Republicans were trying to do something to avoid going over the so-called “fiscal cliff” come January 1st. Plan B asked those making more than $1 million to pay a little more in taxes. It differed from the President’s proposal which asked earners making more than $400,000 to pay more in taxes.

“Certainly a fiasco for the Speaker,” said Steve Benen, in an appearance on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. “We’re reminded right now that he is a leader without followers and a leader without followers is pretty much useless.” Steve went on to point out that Boehner has about two weeks left until his reelection as House Speaker, and he concluded that Boehner’s “future as Speaker is very much in doubt.”

Eric Cantor can’t wait!

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