Dueling Petition – Another Petition To Keep Morgan In U.S Because The British Don’t Want Him Back

It seems no one wants Piers Morgan. A few days ago we told you about a petition on the White House’s website that asks for Piers Morgan‘s deportation because of his anti-guns advocacy. That petition, now with 81,000 signatures is well pass the 25,000 threshold required for an official response from the White House.

And now that’s more: Another petition has popped up asking the Obama administration to keep Piers Morgan in the United States, because, according to the petition, “No one in the UK wants him back.” This petition so far has only 5,254 signatures, short of the 25,000 needed for an official White House Response.

Other interesting petitions on the government website includes two petitions to revoke Westboro Baptiste Church‘s 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status, the first petition getting over 43000 signatures¬†and another petition getting over 58000 signatures.

There’s also a petition to impeach all politicians who signed the Grover Norquist Pledge “in violation to their oath the the government of the U.S” This petition has a little over 8500 signatures.

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