Romney Supporter Claims That God Will Punish America For Re-Electing President Obama

Remember when Mitt Romney appeared to be leading in all the polls and Republicans began celebrating their imminent victory? Then  hurricane Sandy happened across the east coast and Americans gravitated back to the president after seeing the way he handled the aftermath of the storm. Republicans immediately began blaming the hurricane for Obama’s new-found popularity, some even saying that Sandy as an act of God, stopped Romney’s rise in the polls.

Well it seems that Republicans cannot make up their mind which way they want to go. Before the election, they blamed God and the hurricane for slowing Romney’s rise to the presidency and now, they’re claiming that God will punish America for re-electing President Obama.

Yesterday, John Hagee opened up the “Hagee Hotline” to answer questions from parishioners about the election; questions like “do you believe [President Obama] is the precursor to the Anti-Christ?”  Hagee never really answered the question, simply predicting that an economic crash is coming that will result in the rise of a global economic czar who will, in fact, be the Anti-Christ.

But as for the election, Hagee warned that “America chose a leader who is for men marrying men” and who is “pro-abortion” and who has “attacked freedom of religion” and so this nation is “about to face the consequences of our choices” because “God will hold America responsible for that choice”:

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!



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