Is Ed Schultz Losing His MSNBC Job To Ezra Klein

Since the departure of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC some years back, Ed Schultz has unofficially picked up Keith’s banner and ran with it. He is now considered by some one of the most liberal host on the cable network. And with that label, Ed’s primetime television slot at 8PM weeknight receives a decent size audience. But according to reporting by The New York Times, Ed’s show may soon be history.

Brian Stelter, a Times Media reporter wrote a piece about the future of MSNBC and compared the liberal leaning network to Fox News – the more conservative network. And coming to the end of the piece, Brian wrote:

Several MSNBC employees, who spoke about programming plans on the condition of anonymity, said the most likely candidate for a new show was the Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, a frequent substitute for Ms. Maddow. Mr. Klein may start with a weekend time slot, but these people said the 8 p.m. weekday time slot held by Mr. Schultz was also a possibility.

Mr. Griffin, meanwhile, declined to comment on whether the performance of his prime-time lineup would provide a boost to the channel’s subscriber fees.

Of course the denials would come. When asked about this claim by Mediaite,  a spokesperson for MSNBC released the following statement:

“We’re very happy with the performance of our primetime lineup, which topped Fox News Channel three nights this week. There are no changes planned.”

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