Stephen Colbert Is Angry At “Those Liberal Hacks” At Fox News

Stephen Colbert is angry… well… maybe…! Apparently there are some “liberal hacks” at Fox News who thought they could ask the Republican vice presidential candidate questions in an interview. The nerve!

Ryan, the Republican candidate for vice-president, had a contentious interview with Chris Wallace over the 20 percent across-the-board tax cut he and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney have proposed.

Colbert brushed off a study Wallace cited saying the plan would cost the U.S. $5 trillion over 10 years.

“True, not true, who cares?” Colbert said. “It’s over 10 years. Romney and Ryan will only be in office for eight of those. Let President [Michele] Bachmann worry about it in 2020. That’s what hindsight is for.”

Colbert was also unimpressed by Wallace’s refusal to accept Ryan’s explanation that the cuts were “revenue-neutral” and praised Ryan for saying it would “take too long” to explain the figures behind the proposal.

“Great answer,” Colbert said. “Why is it a great answer? It would take me too long to explain, but trust me, it was a great answer.”

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