What Apology? Romney Said It And He Meant It – Dissing The 47%

It is done by some people because they are cowards –  talking bad about others behind their backs. But when those people are listening,  cowards change their tune and pretend all is well. Mitt Romney said it when he thought no one was listening, but now that the word is out, Mitt Romney is trying to take back his devastating comment about the 47%.

Romney recently told Fox News that the rigors of the campaign was responsible for his 47% statement, where he said at a private fundraiser with his fellow millionaires that half of Americans are lazy and depend on government for their very existence. And a day after Romney’s words went public, he again repeated his position that 47% of the nation are moochers!

On multiple occasions, Romney promised to “carry that message” about the losers who are these 47%. But on October 4th, after realizing that his statement was having negative impacts on his campaign, Romney broke out the etch-a-sketch and tried to erase everything. In his interview on Fox, Romney said;

Well, clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question and answer sessions, now and then you’re going to say something that doesn’t come out right. In this case, I said something that’s just completely wrong.

But the Obama Campaign is having none of it. They’ve seen this scenario before – the flip-flop method Mitt Romney has made famous. And they’ve created this video to hold Romney accountable for the flips he’s flop!

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