Republicans In Panic Mode – Realizing The Inevitable Romney Loss This November

With new polls showing President Obama extending his lead over Mitt Romney by as much as 52% to 46% according to a CNN/ORC poll, Republicans are now officially in panic mode.

On the “Fair and Balanced” Fox News network – you know, that network that goes out of their way to make sure the content of their programming is “fair and balanced” – one of the “fair and balanced” host advised Mitt Romney to “call Barack Obama a socialist.”

And the President of Fox News himself offered his two cents, telling Romney to “draw a clear line” and “offer specific path to restore American dream.”┬áSarah Palin suggested that Mitt Romney is being too soft, and told the candidate that he must fight, and fight with all his might!

And Republican Joe Scarborough slammed Romney recently, calling him a “flawed candidate.”

But Laura Ingraham so far takes the cake. She assailed the Republican candidate and his campaign, stating that if Romney cannot win, the Republican party should be dismantled.

“If you can’t beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party. Shut it down. Start new, with new people,” Laura said. She continued;

“Election after election, we hire people who have lost previous campaigns; who’ve run campaigns that have failed; who have message campaigns where the message fell flat, and they keep getting re-hired. I don’t understand that. I don’t know why those are the people you hire.”

They’re flipping their lids, and the heat hasn’t been turned on yet!

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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