Todd Akin – It’s Not About Ego, It’s Not About Politics. I Stand On Principles

Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential candidate, is very familiar with Mr. “Legitimate Rape” also known as Todd Akin. The two were responsible for a bill attempting to change the definition of rape from its present meaning to “forcible rape.”

So when Todd Akin got into trouble for expressing his and the Republican party’s views that rape is not “legitimate” if it’s not forced, Paul Ryan was tapped by the Romney campaign to contact his friend and ask him to withdraw.

But there will be no withdrawal from Mr. Akin, as the deadline for him to withdraw came and went yesterday without much fanfare from the Akin camp. Mr. Akin is now on an apology tour, making his rounds to all the news outlets asking for forgiveness.

Paul Ryan was asked about Akin and his statement. He wasted no time throwing Akin under the bus. In an interview with KDKA of Pittsburgh, Ryan said, “His statements were outrageous, over the pale. I don’t know anybody who would agree with that. Rape is rape period, end of story.”

Akin spoke to NBC’s The Today Show and confirmed that his alley Paul Ryan had turned on him.  He also stated that he’s not going anywhere, even if his party’s future depends on it. When asked if his cause or ego will trump the greater cause of the Republican party, Akin answered, “this is not about me,” Mr. Akin said. “It’s not about ego. It’s about the voters of the state of Missouri. They have chosen me because of principles that I stand on and put principles over politics.”


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