The Ultimate Debunking – Mitt Romney Debunks Mitt Romney on His Welfare Lie

Mitt Romney’s claim that President Obama has removed the work requirement for welfare recipients and is now issuing free checks, has been debunked by everyone who knows how to use google. And now, even Mitt Romney is debunking Mitt Romney.

Romney’s lie stems from a memo the Obama Administration issued to states,  inviting them to apply for waivers from the Federal welfare program. These waivers allow the states more flexibility to “help their poorest citizens transition from welfare to employment—in return, the states would face tougher federal standards that ensure 20% more people move into work.”

Seems like a straightforward memo. But if your name is Mitt Romney, you are again blinded by politics and you see a need to say anything and do anything to win the presidency. And that’s exactly what Romney did. He created lie stating that President Obama was giving away money to welfare recipients.

All the Fact checkers called Romney’s lie a lie and based on this 2005 letter signed by Mitt Romney, even Mitt Romney is debunking his lie.

The letter below was asking then President George Bush to do the same thing Obama did in his memo. And Romney was one of the originators of the letter.

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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