Republican Senate Candidate – “Pregnancy From Rape Is Rare” – Video

Todd Akin, one of the darlings of the Teaparty, is running for Senate representing Missouri. His views on women’s rights have always raised eyebrows and that could explain why his Democratic opponent Claire McCaskill actually donated to his campaign in the Republican primary. Well it would seem Mrs. McCaskill’s donations were well made as her Republican challenger is putting his foot in his mouth again.

A new video has come forward with the help of a Democratic super PAC called American Bridge. In the video (shown below), Mr. Akin is furthering his idea that pregnancy from rape is really not a big deal. In fact he says, it is quite rare!

His Democratic opponent McCaskill had this to say – “It is beyond comprehension that someone can be so ignorant about the emotional and physical trauma brought on by rape.”

And of course Mitt Romney is distancing himself from Mr. Akin’s statement. His campaign quickly put out a statement miraculously saying that under a Romney/Ryan administration, they would not force a woman to have her raper’s baby. From the statement, “Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.”

We’ll  call that statement from the Romney campaign an Etch-A-Sketch moment, as Romney is on record opposing all abortions. He’s even on record supporting a Personhood bill that would make some female contraception illegal. Here’s a Fact Sheet on Romney’s support of the Personhood Amendment;

So-called “personhood” legislation is another example of government going too far. By defining a fertilized human egg to be a legal person, so-called “personhood” measures could allow the government to intrude into the private doctor-patient relationship, and could criminalize everything from common forms of birth control to IVF.

So-called “personhood” amendments are so far out of the mainstream, they have even been rejected by voters in Mississippi – the most conservative state according to Gallup – by a 16-point margin.

Mitt Romney has strongly supported “personhood” measures since they were introduced several years ago. His position is clear and far outside the mainstream as well as a serious threat to women’s health.

Here is Mr. Atkins’ statement that’s causing Romney to shake his Etch-A-Sketch. Take it away Mr. Akin…

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