Mitt Romney Now In Favor Of Abortion For Rape Victims

Another Etch-a-Sketch moment for the Romney journey came today in this newly released CBS interview with the Republican presidential nominee (as of now, he’s still a Republican). After being against all forms of abortions during earlier Republican primaries, Mitt Romney has since changed his position by now claiming to support abortions in the case of rape or incest.

Here’s an example.

In his first run for president in 2008, Romney was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if “Roe v. Wade was overturned and Congress passed a ban on abortions, would you sign it?” The question was not a specific question, it did not mention rape or incest, in fact, it was a very general question – would you sign a bill banning abortions, all abortions in general.

Here’s Romney’s answer:

“We should overturn Roe v Wade and return these issues to the states. I would welcome a circumstance where there were such a consensus in this country that we say we don’t want to have abortions in this country… at all… period! That would be delightful! I’d be delighted to sign that bill.”

But that was then. This is now.

“My position has been clear throughout this campaign. I’m in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother….This is a matter in the courts, it’s been settled for some time in the courts.”

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