Justice Scalia Defends Citizens United Saying “Money Is Speech” – Video

Citizens United has become the driving force behind the selling of the American Democracy. It allows Corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to any politician of their choosing. And because of the very foundation of the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United that classifies Corporations as people, unlimited amounts of money are flowing from unknown sources to people like Mitt Romney, thus, a willful effort by the richest few to purchase the presidency.

The Court believes that since Corporations are People, Corporations are now protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution that gives people the freedom of speech.

But what is “speech?”

The First Amendment’s reference to “Freedom Of Speech” has always been a source of controversy, but to many Constitutionalists, freedom of speech refers to the ability to choose freely, the ability to decide without fear of retribution. That as an American, you have an unbridled say through your vote in the structure of our government and who is chosen to govern.

That is what Democracy is all about – people voting for their leaders with no mention of “money.” That is what the Founding Fathers wanted when they wrote the framework for the Constitution. But what you will hear in the video below, one of the Justices who decided that Corporations are people also decided that speech means money.

It would seem to the average person that the Court’s decision in Citizens United was wrong. Unlimited funds from unknown sources should not be allowed into the American political system. It would seem that this decision must be reversed as soon as possible. But as you listen to the Republican appointed Justice Scalia’s defense of the Court’s decision saying “money is speech,” you quickly realize that the American people is losing their voice, as the people with the most money… the top 1%… out-shouts us all.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!