Mr. President, This Is A Big F*ing Deal – Part 2

As Donald Trump would say, what the Supreme Court did Thursday in upholding President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act is “HUGE!”

Even Mitt Romney realized the magnitude of what would happen if ObamaCare was declared¬†constitutional. On the days leading up to the Court’s decision, Mitt Romney was heard at various campaign events saying, “if this law is unconstitutional, that would prove that Obama wasted his presidency.”

Needless to say, the Supreme Court – whose main task is to interpret laws in accordance with the Constitution of the United States – disagreed with Mitt Romney wholeheartedly.

But if we are to apply Romney’s logic to this, wouldn’t it mean that the President’s first term was not wasted but turned out to be a tremendous success? Wouldn’t it then mean that President Obama has done his job in accordance to the Constitution – approved and validated by the highest Court in the land – and furthermore, if we apply Romney’s logic to this situation, wouldn’t it mean that Romney, with his everlasting calls to repeal ObamaCare, is going against a Supreme Court that called the law constitutional, thus, is he not going against the United States Constitution?

When President signed the Affordable Health Care Act into law in 2010, Vice President Biden was overheard whispering in the President’s ear, “Mr President, this is a big f*cking deal.” With the Supreme validating the constitutionality of the law on Thursday, consider this a big f*cking deal… part 2!

And by the way, why exactly are Republicans pushing Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate? The  man is apparently against the Constitution of the United States.

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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