Mitt Romney Is An Empty Suit, and We Have Proof

Breaking News: Mitt Romney is an empty suit – but you already knew that. So it should come as no surprise to hear Mitt Romney’s plan to restore the economy.

While campaigning in Virginia earlier this week, Romney passed on some information explaining his answer to a common question these days – what would Romney do to help the economy?

“What I would do? People ask me, `What would you to get the economy going?’ and I say, `Well look at what the president’s done and do the opposite.”

Yep, that’s his answer and it’s quite alarming. To better understand the magnitude of this empty answer from this empty Republican suit named Mitt Romney, let’s take a look at some of the things President Obama has done, and the opposite path Romney would take.

1 – less than 4 years in office, President Obama has already cut taxes for small businesses 17 times. Romney would do the opposite, which means he will raise taxes on small businesses 17 times in his first term. But wait, there is a small issue called the Grover Norquist Pledge – a pledge that Republicans have taken making it impossible for them to raise taxes. So no opposite here.

2 – in less than 4 years, the President has cut taxes for 95% of the working middle class. A Romney opposite would be to raise taxes on 95% of the working middle class. By the way, that Grover Norquist pledge mentioned above would not apply here, as Republicans have shown a preference to putting the burdens of the economy squarely on the back of the middle class. Raising taxes on the middle class is an opposite Romney would certainly entertain.

3 – in less than 4 years, the President’s policies have saved the American Auto industry. A Romney opposite would be to let the auto industry die. As a matter of fact, Romney was very clear that killing the auto industry was his preferred method. He even said President Obama should “let Detroit go bankrupt.” I thought we were talking about helping the economy. Killing off the auto industry means killing off hundreds of thousands of jobs. Exactly how would this help the economy? Yes, definitely an opposite here.

4 – in less than 4 years, the President’s policies have created or saved over 4 million private sector jobs. A Romney opposite would be to eliminate these jobs. As a Venture Capitalist at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney did just that – taking over American companies, shutting them down and shipping those jobs overseas. And as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney’s job record was dismal – he brought the state’s jobs record down to 47th out of all 50 states. Eliminating jobs? A proven Romney policy. Another definite opposite.

Although we could continue, the point is clear. Mitt Romney has finally decided to be honest about something. The only problem is his honesty about doing things opposite to President Obama on the economy is a recipe for disaster. We’ve already been down that road with Bush and that road lead us straight to this recession. We refuse to fall for the same failed game plan again.

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