President Obama’s Message to Women – I’m Your Guy!

President Obama spoke to a group of women today at the White House and his message was clear – if you want a president who will fight for women’s rights, then he’s your man. Looking for someone who will erase all the gains women have made and return the nation to the 1900’s then vote for the other guy.

Though he never mentioned Romney – or the word Republican – in his 20-minute speech, Obama cautioned an auditorium of female entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders against returning “to the policies that got us into so many of the problems that we’ve been dealing with in the first place. That’s what’s at stake.”

“When it comes to our efforts on behalf of women and girls, I’m proud of the accomplishments that we can point to,” he said. He cited the first bill he signed into law, making it easier for women to demand equal pay, along with efforts to boost the number of girls taking science and math classes. “We’ve got a lot more to do. But there’s no doubt we’ve made progress.”

Citing his signature health care law – which Republicans and Romney have vowed to repeal – Obama charged that “they’re not just saying we should stop protecting women with pre-existing conditions. They’re also saying we should kick about a million young women off their parents’ health care plans.”

He also took issue with GOP support for cutting government funding of Planned Parenthood, saying: “They’re not just talking about restricting a woman’s ability to make her own health decision. They’re talking about denying, as a practical matter, the preventive care like mammograms that millions of women rely on.”

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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