Pastor Pat Robinson – Sandra Fluke Needs $3000 for Contraception?

Tele-Evangelist Pat Robinson could not allow the Sandra Fluke / Rush Limbaugh controversy to go unnoticed on his television show. The minister and his special guest blessed us with some right winged knowledge,  and guess whose side they took… Rush Limbaugh’s. No surprises here.

Although Mr Robinson admitted that “Rush Limbaugh got a little bit over the top on that thing,” Robinson went down the very same path Rush took. He didn’t call Ms Fluke a “slut,” but the misleading way he asked if Sandra Fluke needed $3000 for contraception implied the same thing – like Rush would say, someone who is “having too much sex” for money.

Both Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robinson are intentionally misleading their audience. Ms Fluke did not say she needed $3000 because she’s having too much sex, she spoke on the importance of contraception to women’s health as it relates to controlling ovarian cysts and other diseases, and the cost to a woman if paid out-of-pocket.

We expected Limbaugh to mislead and misinform, but why would a self-proclaimed man of God dinghies same?

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