Democrats Lose Eight-Term Congressman Dennis Kucinich In Ohio

The Hill reports “Rep. Marcy Kaptur edged out fellow Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) in a primary on Tuesday, leaving no clear path forward for Kucinich to remain in Congress.

It was a humbling loss for the eight-term congressman, who built a national following, twice ran for president and established himself as a forceful voice for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. But he faced a tough task in defeating Kaptur.

The swath of Ohio that brought Kaptur and Kucinich into battle runs along the coast of Lake Erie, spanning from Kaptur’s home base in Toledo to Kucinich’s stronghold in Cleveland. A last-minute change to the map, put into place by Republican state lawmakers, added more of Kaptur’s Toledo-area constituents to the new district, giving her a built-in advantage.

Neither Kaptur nor Kucinich sought out the fight. Drawn into the same district by GOP mapmakers, the two friends and House allies were forced to square off in the first of about a dozen redistricting-induced primary showdowns.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Kaptur captured 56 percent to Kucinich’s 40 percent. A third Democratic candidate, businessman Graham Veasey, placed last with 4 percent.

“This was a very intense campaign, because of the way the district was drawn,” Kaptur said on MSNBC. “We had to advertise in two media markets, the new one being five times more expensive than the existing one. It was just a real marathon.”

Kaptur said she had not yet spoken to Kucinich.”

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